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New KCC vets dairy farmers ahead of settling Moi-era debts

22nd May 2018

New Kenya Co-operative Creameries (New KCC) has started the third phase of verifying documents ahead of paying thousands of farmers owed millions of shillings from the Moi era. The Treasury has released the money ahead of the vetting of more than 100,000 farmers who supplied the processor milk the 1990s. Read More


New KCC narrows gap with Brookside

21st May 2018

New KCC has sharply increased its share of the raw milk intake to narrow the gap on sector leader Brookside. The Kenya Dairy Board 2017 data indicates State-owned dairy now commands 35 per cent of the raw milk market up from 23 per cent the previous year, cementing its position at number two. Brookside is still the market leader with…Read More