As the oldest and largest dairy processor in East and Central Africa, New KCC ‘s core business involves the procurement of high quality raw milk which is then processed, packaged and marketed as milk and milk products.

From farm to glass, New KCC’s is proud of its range of quality dairy products, which include fresh milk, butter, cheese, flavoured & unflavoured long life milk, fermented milk and milk powder, made to suit the needs of our dynamic and fast growing market.

Our state of the art processing facilities having undergone a billion-shilling upgrade has seen the company vastly increase our milk intake and processing capacities, with newer, more efficient processing machines.

Our commitment to quality is unparalleled and all our processing facilities are ISO 22000:2005 Certified for Food Safety Management Systems. In addition, our entire family of milk and dairy products carry the Kenya Bureau of Standards Diamond Mark of Quality and are Halal Certified.

The company is also ISO 9001:2008 Certified for Total Quality Management Systems.

These certifications are our assurance to you of our unwavering commitment to providing quality products that have been made to highest international standards.

Our Reach
With eight major processing factories, thirteen milk cooling plants and numerous satellite coolers, we are in the heart of Kenya’s dairy country, strategically located to ensure maximum access to quality raw milk from Kenya’s finest pastures.

The company boasts a comprehensive agribusiness platform that provides useful linkages between ourselves and the thousands of our partnering dairy farmers, giving them access to essential services including AI, quality animal feeds, Agro Vet and financial products among others.

We work closely with the farmers at the farm level to employ best practice in ensuring reliable and quality milk supplies, in addition to providing competitive pricing and ready market for their raw product.

Our eight sales depots spread across the country, supported by an elaborate logistics and distribution network, ensures that from the largest institution to the smallest neighborhood kiosk, our products are always available, anytime and anywhere.

The dairy brand of choice in Kenya and beyond

To nourish and refresh consumers with innovative, quality and affordable dairy products through continual transformation of value chain processes and expansion of our markets.

Core Values