Kenyan Ambassador to Israel, Augostino Njoroge, has pledged his support for dairy farmers who wish to borrow expertise from Israel to boost milk production.

This comes even as New KCC (NKCC) plans to roll out strategic projects in milk producing zones to tackle the perennial milk shortage.

Speaking in Israel after hosting New KCC farmers to a dinner, Mr Njoroge expressed his wish to support NKCC in facilitating the farmers implement the lessons learned from the five-day agricultural tour. He attributed the success of dairy farming in Israel to the use of technology, utilisation of small space and correct feeding.

“The embassy will link the various Israeli experts to the implementing team to ensure success of the projects you choose to take up from here. The technology in Israel has made them the best nation in agricultural production, whether it’s dairy farming or irrigation,” Njoroge said.

He advised the farmers to work in groups to boost their productivity.

He emphasised the need for a proper feeding structure.

“I urge you to emulate what you can. Work in groups, it is important because as you saw, some Kibbutz have the richest members in Israel today. The reason is that they have diversified. This is possible in Kenya but we need to start with getting the feed rations right,” he said.

During the meeting, the delegation from Kenya briefed the ambassador on key lessons and take home strategies that enable the Israeli dairy industry to reach production of 12,000 kg per cow in 305 days.

Various committees have been formed among the participants to champion strategic areas and ensure lessons learned are implemented.

The committee comprise farmers and New KCC managers who attended the tour. The committee has already began the strategic meetings.

NKCC managing Director Nixon Sigey said the processor will push for feed conservation in form of quality hay and silage, fodder farming as a business and introduction of dairy cow housing designs that enhance productivity and animal welfare.

NKCC will also seek partnership with technology firms in Israel to bring home advanced milk processing and marketing technologies among others.

For Mr Sigey, increased supply of dairy milk will impact positively on production of powder milk thus opening up new business opportunities in the region.

The tour was organised by the New KCC extension wing, Platinum Ultra Events Limited and Israel Dairy School.

Platinum’s Business Development Manager Jacqueline Sumbeiywo said the tours assist farmers in identifying opportunities, learning from other countries and practicing the same back home.

“We have done several tours in Israel and Zimbabwe. We are planning other agricultural tours in South Africa and Netherlands that will take place later in the year,” she said.

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