Cabinet Secretary, Hon. Peter Munya announced that the Government will be putting up a New KCC Cooling Plant in Meru to assist milk farmers in the larger Nyambene areas of Laare and Kangeta, where despite they being areas of high milk production there was no milk cooling plant in the area. A team from New KCC has approved the five-acre site proposed for construction of the new plant in Kangeta, Igembe Central and already Ksh 100 million has been allocated in the supplementary budget to begin the project and a further Kes 150 Million will be allocated in the June 2019 budget to complete the project.


  1. I have liked the step taken by the government of KENYA plus the NKCC management lead by the managing Director , for the project start up in Meru . Since
    1 . Create embloyment opportunity to the people of Kenya
    2 . To rise up the country’s economy
    3 . To ensure that the people of KENYA are well supplied with supplimentary foods of Good Quality from NKCC .

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