The prevailing dry weather conditions has seen the amount of raw milk supplied to processors drop by up to 40%, however New KCC has moved quickly to assure consumers that it has enough powder stocks to last through May 2019.

The Company plans to process up to 1,500 metric tonnes of milk powder that will go a long way in helping to cushion consumers against rising milk prices.

New KCC will continue working closely with farmers especially on feed preparation and conservation to help stabilize milk supply and has recommended to the National Government the setting aside of up to Kes 2B over the next three years to help stabilize the industry.

May 2019: the length of time current milk powder stocks is expected to last.

1500 Metric Tonnes: The amount of milk powder the Company plans to reconstitute to meet current shortfall.

Milk Act: allowed inclusion of milk in the Strategic Food Reserve (SFR).

Kes 2 Billion: Amount New KCC has recommended the National Government set aside to stabilize the industry.

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