1908: A white Setter, Mr. Watts builds Kipkelion Creamery.

1925: Kenya Co-operative Creameries (KCC) is founded with Hugh Cholmondoley – Lord Delamere) as its Chairman.

1926: the first creamery is opened in Naivasha in grass banda (shelter) operating two hand churns.

1929: Creamery is upgraded as supply of butter fat has exceeded 150,000 pounds.

1932: Kenya Co-operative Creamery Limited becomes the first company to be registered under the Co-operative Societies Ordinance 1931 following with merger of Kipkelion & Nanyuki Creameries with Kenya Co-operative Creamery Limited.

1934: Creamery opened in Thompson Falls (Present day Nyahururu Factory)

1935: Creamery opened in Eldoret (Present day Eldoret Factory)

1945: Company name officially changed from Kenya Co-operative Creamery Ltd to Kenya Co-operative Creameries Limited (KCC).

1956: KCC puts Kenya on the map, as one of the first countries to start packing milk using ‘Tetra Pak’ a revolutionary method of packing milk and cream.

1965: KCC elects Mr. D.N Kuguru as its first African Chairman

1979-1992: KCC introduces the first School Milk Program not just in Kenya but in Africa providing free milk to thousands of school going children.

2005: The Company is registered as a state corporation and renamed New Kenya Co-operative Creameries Ltd and has continued to record positive growth